Saint Christopher's Church


Jeanette Amundson

St. Christopher's Anglican Church is an Open Communion church on Saturna Island. It was dedicated in 1963 and joined with various other parishes until 1970 when it became a parish on its own. Since 1984, St. Christopher's has been part of the Parish of Pender and Saturna Islands in the Anglican Diocese of BC. Information about the Diocese and our particular parish can be found at, by speaking with any of the islanders who are a regualar part of the St. Christopher's community, or by dropping in most Sundays between 10:30 and noon.

St. Christopher's Church holds Anglican services as well as services conducted by ministers of other denominations. The Venerable Ellen Willingham is the Minister for the Parish of Saturna and the Pender Islands. She is available by phone and email, and comes to minister at St. Christopher's the 2nd Sunday of every month. We are fortunate as well to have other ministers as part of our community: Reverend Dawn Wood as a year-round resident; Reverend Dick Walenta, The Reverend David Wylie and Pastor Jeanette Amundson in part-time ministry at St. Christopher's. 

Musicians are a vital aspect of any church community. We welcome any musicians interested in exploring sacred and gospel music. If you would be available to support the music of St. Christopher's with your instrument, please be in touch with Judith R-T.

St. Christopher's has a history of providing Sunday School programs for children. If you have a child interested in exploring church, please contact Judith R-T.

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Church Calendar

Date and Time



Dec. 2, 10:30

1st Advent and Meditation

Dawn W

Dec. 9, 10:30

2nd Advent and Meditation

Dawn W

Dec. 16, 10:30

3rd Advent, Carols and Stories

Ellen W

Dec. 23, 10:30

4th Advent and Meditation

Dawn W

Dec. 24, 7pm

Christmas Eve

Dick W and Dawn W

Dec. 30, 10:30

Christmas worship service

Jeanette A and Dick W