[31 Square] 31 Square signs off

Dear friends,
In 2007, 31 Square was conceived as an energizer, supporter and promoter of Saturna food, garden and conservation projects. It was an island network—significantly, without formal organization—designed to provide connection and conversation electronically through a listserv, and in community through events. 

Today, social media offers excellent channels for local communication, and the 31square listserv is rarely used. As for food and garden related events, happily over the last few years individuals have taken over organizing these, sometimes under an island banner, sometimes not. 

Because the listserv must be paid for, moderated and managed, I have decided this year to let social media take over: thus, next month I will relinquish the domain name and contract with the 31square service provider, NinerNet—which has provided, by the way, exceptionally prompt, friendly, personal service over the years.

The question remains, I suppose: does a brand such as 31 Square serve any purpose for Saturna? Perhaps, if it could be recycled and repurposed. (Any takers?)

Many thanks to those who regularly contributed to the listserv over the last few years (Nancy Phillips, in particular!), and to every subscriber who enthusiastically supported the fledgling network way back when, and to community organizations that provided funding for events, and to the numerous volunteers who helped with dinners, garden tours and food-oriented workshops. 

Best of luck with your continued sowing, growing, preserving and conserving!


for 31 Square

Juliet Kershaw