A Plea for Help

Part of the tradition of the Saturna Community Club has been to let community residents borrow supplies from the Community Hall.  There is a "sign-out and back in" sheet in the kitchen which requests any items taken home or elsewhere be returned clean within 48 hours.

Not only are many people borrowing kitchen items without signing them out, but it seems quite often the return is forgotten.  This involves everything from dish cloths and table cloths to kettles, cooking pots, pans, bowls, utensils and dishes.  When we went to prepare for the Candlelight dinner in December, the extra large pot in which the potatoes had always been cooked and mashed was missing.

Our plea is that everyone look around their home and outbuildings and see if you recognize anything that belongs to the Hall.  No questions will be asked, we will just be delighted with returned items.  Otherwise, we may have to reconsider our policy as the constant necessary replacements are very expensive and frustrating for the people who help raise the money.
A new feature in the kitchen is a collection of plastic containers in the lower cupboard to the left of the sink. These are for transporting any leftover food and do not need to be returned.  Your cooperation in regard to following the protocol for the loan of kitchen items will be much appreciated.

Please note, there is NO permission to borrow any furniture from the Hall.  If you need extra tables or chairs, please borrow from the Lamb BBQ supplies located at Winter Cove and check in with either Ron Wilson or Peggy Warren.
Thank you!