Soups for Seniors Social

The Thursday afternoon Soups for Seniors Social  (SFSS) is underway! Every Thursday from 12.00 – 1.30 at the Community Hall our seniors gather to share good food and conversation. The fire is lit, the tables are covered in bright cloths and adorned with fresh greenery and flowers ...the conversation animated.  

The soups served (usually two) are international in flavour, one meat or poultry based and one vegetarian. Home made bread accompanies the soup and the meal is finished off with sweets from Haggis Bakery and tea and coffee. 

The SFSS is the first part of a program of food support for Saturna. Soup patrons pay for the meal by donation but as a lot of the food is donated, and Saturna seniors are generous people, the expectation is there will be a surplus of funds. A Food Bank account will be made available at the General Store, the idea being that anyone who is short on food can charge staples such as bread and milk etc to the account. All the details are not yet worked through and it make take a while to get going, however, the reason for the early information is to alleviate any idea that the Thursday SFSS is charity. It is not! It is seniors helping each other and ultimately helping islanders in need regardless of age.

If you would like to join us but need transportation please call John Wiznuk at 250 539 2256.

Many thanks to Campbell Farm, Saturna General Store, and Haggis Bakery for donations and to helpers John Wiznuk, Bev and Mike and Tom.  

See you on Thursday!

Dian Johnstone